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Probate and Trust Litigation

Positive resolution to probate and litigation disputes demands specialized legal expertise. There are unique aspects to this type of litigation that require an attorney with the right background and experience. Getting the best results requires smart and effective counsel.

video terry magady video terry magady


  • Aggressively litigate
  • Resolve litigation when possible
  • Take a creative approach to get optimal results

Case Study

the case of the shady will contest

A kind neighbor helped an elderly man for many years before his death. In the final months, a young couple moved in and began taking advantage of the elderly man’s goodwill. The interloping couple used a caregiver contract to work their way into the will, and it appeared as if they would make off with a fair share of the inheritance, edging the kind neighbor out of the will entirely. Terry examined the caregiver contract and found a loophole that other attorneys had missed, essentially knocking them out of the will.