Estate planning is important to ensure that your wishes are carried out and to provide for your loved ones in your absence. When someone you love has a disability, there are very special considerations that must be addressed. Care must be taken to ensure that benefits from government programs are maximized as necessary.


  • Create new estate plans with special needs trusts
  • Review established estate plans and suggest ways in which they can be improved
  • Advise regarding the administration of trusts for beneficiaries with disabilities
video terry magady
video terry magady



A mother and her adult daughter lived together for most of their lives; the daughter had a rare muscular disorder and depended upon her mother for day-to-day assistance. As the mother aged, it became harder and harder to care for her daughter, and it soon became clear she would need to be moved to a skilled nursing facility herself. Without her mother to care for her, it appeared the daughter would have to move to a facility as well. The cost of nursing home care for both mother and daughter would certainly clean out the family’s assets.

After consulting multiple attorneys with no solution in sight, the family was referred by a medical professional to Terry Magady. Terry identified a little known program that every other attorney had missed. After arranging an emergency medical assessment, he secured state-funded 24/7 in-home care for the daughter, and found a way for the state to pay for mom’s nursing facility. The daughter was able to maintain her independence, and the family’s assets remained intact.

“Terry solved the impossible for my family, my mother and me – we are deeply indebted to him.”

Anonymous, A prominent geriatric psychiatrist

“For 20 years I’ve seen first hand how Terry comes up with truly innovative solutions for tough problems.”

Bunni Dybnis Fellow, National Association of Professional Geriatric Managers

“Terry is the one that other elder law attorneys turn to for the very complex, difficult cases – he is brilliant.”

Caren R. Nielsen, Esq. Elder Law Specialist, Council of Advanced Practitioners

“Terry Magady is one of the preeminent experts in the nation. There’s nobody like him.”

Stewart J. Levin, Esq. Elder abuse litigator, Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) lecturer