Paying for long-term care can easily overwhelm families and loved ones, threatening to wipe out a lifetime of careful saving and planning. There is a widespread belief, even among attorneys, that families of substantial means cannot qualify for Medi-Cal benefits. Actually, in the right legal hands, even families with significant assets can access Medi-Cal and other government programs. However, the process is complex, and, if handled incorrectly, can have disastrous effects.


  • Obtain Medi-Cal and other government benefits to pay for skilled nursing and in-home care
  • Protect your assets for yourself and your family
  • Navigate through the maze of Medi-Cal rules and regulations
video terry magady
video terry magady



An elderly couple needed skilled nursing care, but feared their assets, a home and $1.6 million in savings, would make it impossible to obtain Medi-Cal funding from the state. Furthermore, they were each on their second marriage, which can create an additional disadvantage as courts often suspect an attempted disinheritance.

Terry Magady, however, used this apparent disadvantage as an advantage, and went into the court fighting head-on in favor of the marriage. Arguing that withholding Medi-Cal funding would force this loving couple to get a divorce, he successfully obtained funds for couple’s skilled nursing care, while defending the couple’s marriage and hard-earned assets.

“Terry solved the impossible for my family, my mother and me – we are deeply indebted to him.”

Anonymous, A prominent geriatric psychiatrist

“For 20 years I’ve seen first hand how Terry comes up with truly innovative solutions for tough problems.”

Bunni Dybnis Fellow, National Association of Professional Geriatric Managers

“Terry is the one that other elder law attorneys turn to for the very complex, difficult cases – he is brilliant.”

Caren R. Nielsen, Esq. Elder Law Specialist, Council of Advanced Practitioners

“Terry Magady is one of the preeminent experts in the nation. There’s nobody like him.”

Stewart J. Levin, Esq. Elder abuse litigator, Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) lecturer