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Elder Care Planning

As we age or become disabled, there are unique challenges that cross over the fields of law, finance, health care, psychology and social work. Mapping out the proper direction requires expert judgment tailored to each family’s special situation.

video terry magady video terry magady


  • Tailor strategies to address legal and financial needs
  • Creatively solve problems for older or disabled people
    and their families
  • Avoid or minimize court proceedings

Case Study

Helping Mom and dad, avoiding court

The children of an elderly couple grew concerned about their parents’ growing inability to care for themselves. In addition, they discovered their parents were letting bills slip, refusing to sign papers and creating a general mess of their own accounts and assets. A conservatorship appeared to be the only option, but the last thing they wanted was to drag the family into a costly and troublesome court battle, especially with the children already fighting among each other.

Luckily, Terry Magady saw the court proceeding only as a last resort, and set out to help the family through other avenues. After working with the family in depth (and easing relations between the siblings) he was able to find state-funded assisted living for mom, along with live-in care for dad. Furthermore, he worked with the children to arrange management of the father’s accounts, thus avoiding the need for a conservatorship and sparing the family difficult and lengthy legal proceedings.