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Conservatorships are legal proceedings whereby someone is appointed to make personal, medical and/or financial decisions on behalf of persons who are no longer capable of making those decisions themselves. Used properly, they can be powerful tools for protecting someone who is vulnerable and needs assistance.

video terry magady video terry magady


  • Navigate the conservatorship process
  • Maneuver through the court system
  • Effectively implement conservatorships and
    other related court proceedings

Case Study

New “boyfriend” takes advantage

A former Oscar-winning movie star in her 80’s enjoyed a comfortable retirement, until a charming young “boyfriend” moved in and began taking advantage of her deteriorating mental capacity.

Terry Magady not only secured a conservatorship for the son, but also sealed the conservatorship file, and began taking steps to protect the estate from the new beau. When the family started to suspect the young man would attempt a deathbed marriage proposal to sneak into the will, Terry attained a restriction on marriage as part of the conservatorship. This succeeded in repelling the suitor, and kept the mother’s estate within the family.